UV Varnishing

  • UV Varnishing Add UV varnish to carefully selected aspects of your design to elevate the finished article! It can be used to elevate other decorative finishes or create a modern and luxurious look on its own. We offer a spot UV varnish to enhance specific areas on the material which adds to all the sensory benefits that encourage people to respond to the power of print. An overall varnish can also be applied to cover all of the material. We also offer a high build varnish which provides more impact than spot UV. Ideal for use on dark and rich backgrounds as the contrast works well.
  • Textured varnish Textured varnish can be used to create a tactile feel to the material such as sand on a beach, wooden effect or leather. We can offer a high build for extra tactility on the texture
  • Glitter Varnish Add a glitter into the varnish for a finish that sparkles. We have a range of glitter colours available.
  • Gumming The application of a glue substance to seal a product.
  • Fragrance Burst Leave a lasting impression. We can offer a range of scents to bring your print to life.
  • Rub Removeable Think scratch cards. We apply a coating that can be rubbed away by the end-user revealing a message or prize.
  • Screen Printing The application of ink straight to substrate through the mesh which acts as the stencil. With artwork provided to ACA we can produce a screen that will screen print to your specifications. Using a specified colour the substrate will pass through the marked areas of the screen to print a certain design or text.

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