Laser Formes

Being one of the only companies in the UK to produce formes and dies in house provides quality assurance and quick turnaround times.

  • The ACA Laser Formes team produces a range of bespoke cutting formes, stripping units and dies for a wide variety of industries. With our three continuous laser machines and fully trained operators utilising our in-house CAD suite we can produce top quality Dies from electronic files to suit all of your production needs. Not only do we produce formes for in house production, but we also manufacture for external consumers.
  • Flat Bed & Rotary Formes The forme shop has a wealth of knowledge and expertise within its die production. With recent investment in an upgraded laser providing incredible accuracy and efficiency we can provide flatbed and rotary formes for any die cutting requirements. Our CNC Matrix router complements the laser creating matrix which delivers improved accuracy and efficiency when making ready. We produce both for in house operations and direct to the customer.
  • Male & Female Stripping Jigs and Speed Strippers
  • All our formes are laser cut and finished by hand.
  • On average it will take 3-5 working days to produce a bespoke laser forme.

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