Special Effect Finishes

  • At ACA we specialise in a number of unique finishes available to add to your project.
  • Fragrance Burst Make your print burst to life with a range of fragrances.  We offer a number of fragrances which can be suited to your project. Feel free to request our brochure which includes a sample of this finish.
  • Silver latex Use interactive finishes to enhance consumer engagement with the product.  We can use opaque ink to cover up a part of the text or image which can be removed using a fingernail or coin.
  • Textured foiling If you are looking for a textured foiling effect, we can create a fluted die for a more tactile foiling finish.
  • Antibacterial lamination Hygiene has become an essential part of daily life in the new world. We now offer anti-bacterial lamination which aims to reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria on surfaces, killing up to 99.9% of bacteria. Ideal for menus, the film is long lasting, incredibly durable and highly active.
  • Glitter Varnish Add some sparkle to your print. Ideal for child focuses products, we offer glitter varnish in range of colours

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