PAC Scotland

Welcome to PAC Scotland: Your Local Partner for Quality and Sustainable Food Packaging Solutions 

(We will let our lovely Che introduce us!)

Here at PAC, we are passionate about supporting local businesses and communities while delivering exceptional food packaging solutions. Founded with the mission to bring manufacturing back to Scotland, our goal is to contribute to our local economy, provide high-quality products, and support building a more sustainable future.

Being the sister company of ACA, we share their dedication for elite craftsmanship and efficiency. With a comprehensive range of machinery and an AA grade BRC certificate, we have everything right here at home to deliver best-in-class food packaging solutions.

Our commitment to sustainability is not only driven by our motivation for an eco-friendlier future but also from our understanding of the food packaging industry of today. All of our products are made with FSC certified materials, produced in our BRC accredited facilities, and are compostable, recyclable and biodegradable.

With our advanced logistics capabilities, we’re able to deliver our products efficiently and reliably, so you can trust that PAC will always be there to support you and your business.

Here is what our Director, Dara, has to say about the inception and exciting future of PAC:

“We are so excited to be bringing manufacturing back to Scotland.”

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