Carton Gluing

  • Straight line Straight line gluing is one of the most common adhesive application methods. This involves applying either a normal cold adhesive or a hot melt glue to the product depending on their material. Straight line gluing has become a popular choice for the CBD and e-liquid market.  
  • Crash Lock Crash lock packaging is one of the quickest and most efficient forms of packaging assembly. This packaging is designed in such a way that when the opposite corners are pushed towards each other, the base will automatically lock together to create a secure and rigid bottom to the container. Even though they are pre-glued, they can be supplied flat for the end-user to assemble in one swift, easy action. Crash lock cartons can be used for automated production lines as they are easy to construct.
  • 4 Corner Gluing These boxes are glued in four positions, both infold and outfold.
  • 6 Corner Gluing These boxes are glued in 6 positions. This type of multi-point gluing is used mainly in the confectionery and bakery sectors.
  • Gluing of wings Create a high-end, seamless finish with glued wings on your box or book.
  • Folder High volume work ranging from the standard format to extremely demanding shapes and gluing patterns can be produced by our machines at a much higher speed than would otherwise be possible.
  • Help us to help you. By getting our Production Team involved with jobs at the ‘design’ stage they will always endeavour to give the best advice and provide solutions to your gluing problems.

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