• Block Foiling Foil blocking (or hot foil stamping) is the process of applying metallic or pigment foil to paper or card, where a heated die is stamped onto the foil. Foiling is used to create eye-catching packaging and prestige finishes on commercial print such as magazines, certificates and brochures. ACA has invested heavily in foiling machinery in recent years meaning we have the equipment to deal with a wide range of materials and sizes. This investment combined with a wealth of experience means you can trust us to handle any foiling requirements. All the foil we use here is completely recyclable. With in house die production, you can trust us to handle the entire process with top quality management as shown with our ISO 9001 accreditation.
  • Metallic Foil Where a graphic designer is looking for a prestige finish on a job foil blocking is a natural choice, whether being used for a drop shadow effect, subtle cover message or design. The appearance which is achieved by metallic foils cannot be matched for quality by any other printing method. There is an extremely vast range of metallic foils and if you’d like something more abstract than the common gold or silver we can source this in at short notice.
  • Pigment Foil Great opacity within pigment foils makes them the ideal choice if you’re looking to create a stark contrast against a background.
  • 3 B1 large format foiling machines equipped for medium to long runs. 
    1. Foiling size longitudinal 970 x 685mm
    2. Foiling size horizontal 960 x 580mm
  • 2 SRA2 Foiling machines for short to medium length runs.

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