• Graining Graining is a process which involves creating a realistic textured finish on a material. This includes textures such as linen and snakeskin or creates your own unique pattern to really differentiate yourself from the crowd. We can perform graining on up to B2 size sheet. Target certain areas of the material or the whole page to provide a tactile feel throughout.
  • Debossing Debossing is the term used to describe the opposite process to embossing that creates a concave effect. The process involves applying pressure to the front side of a stock forcing the material away or down from the paper surface. Although it is not as commonly used as embossing, debossing is occasionally used to provide a different effect or appearance that fits a particular theme.
  • Embossing Embossing is a popular process that applies pressure to the reverse of a material to alter the surface, giving it a three dimensional or raised effect. Embossing with foil can provide an extra lift to the foil. Blind embossing raises text or an image out of the paper. Adding another dimension to print makes a product so much more inviting. The tactile feel is something that can only be achieved through a print finished product. If you want a creative and unique product ACA has all the skills to provide it.

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