Die Cutting

  • ACA has flatbed cutting and creasing machines with the facility to carry out a number of operations including die cutting, kiss cutting, creasing, embossing and perforating each of which utilises ACA’s long term skill base both in Production and Die Making to produce the desired result. Die cutting provides shape and functionality to a product. The Cutting and Creasing department is at the heart of the operation. A combination of operator skills and accurate production equipment ensures that the processes carried out within this department are always in demand. Our large capacity in this department ensures comfortable handling of volume trade work in addition to regular commercial work being undertaken, as part of a complete multi process operation.
  • Kiss Cutting Kiss cutting is a die cutting process where adhesive-backed foils or papers are cut through, but the laminated backing paper is not. Often used for creating sheets of stickers or a single peel-off section in a design.
  • Hand Platen The hand fed platen is perfect for all die cutting and creasing requirements.
  • Die cutting Die cutting uses a pre-designed cutting tool in order to create unique and distinctive shapes to a variety of substrates. Objects can have several die cut elements which need to be assembled in order to create a finished product.
  • Perforating Perforations are small notches in the material which make it easy to tear away a section of the paper. Perforation doesn’t have to be in a straight line. It can be made similar to a bespoke die cut pattern. Perforations have a number of uses in both commercial print and in packaging.
  • Large format die cutting machine handling up to 1050 x 750mm.
  • Excellent in the production of cut cartons which can then be glued or formed into a nested tray.

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