New ACA Branded Uncoated Carton

  • Production of our in house cartons is now complete with a stunning addition to the selection. Our uncoated carton includes the following processes;
  • – UV Spot Varnishing
  • – Foiling
  • – Embossing
  • – Debossing
  • – Cut/Creasing
  • – Crash lock glued with lid wings and back edge folded in to reduce exposure of board raw edge
  • ACA offers a complete start to finish packaging service and are the UK’s only finishing house with internal laser cut flatbed and rotary die forme shop along with Brass and Magnesium CNC and acid etched die shop.
  • If you would like to receive a package including our three cartons and brochure, please email [email protected].
  • Also, a huge thanks to Foilco for providing us with the foil to produce these cartons.

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