• Collating Putting your job into order automatically for a perfectly accurate finish.
  • Wire-O Binding Wire-O Binding is an extremely flexible and user-friendly method of bookbinding as it can easily withstand the rigours of everyday use. Schoolchildren, students, plus a much wider range of users and applications such as home recipe books, repair & maintenance manuals etc. benefit from the ability to lay a book completely open and flat at the required page on a bench or work surface.
  • Spiro binding is similar to Wiro Binding, using a spiral to bind pages. However, Spiro binding, uses plastic rather than metal making it a safer alternative, especially for children. The individual pages in a spirally bound book are securely held in place with no chance of coming out accidentally. For publications destined for postal distribution such as corporate brochures, annual reports, etc. this binding method can easily withstand rough handling and arrive intact. The spiral material used in the process comes in an extremely wide range of sizes and colour options to ensure user requirements can be met.

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